Dear Colleagues,


We are delighted to announce the 4th Paris NASH Meeting to be held on July 5-6 th 2018.


This international academic meeting is aimed to do a deep-dive into many aspect of NASH and to deliver scientific innovations that are not covered in other meetings.


This year, beside US, the faculty has been extended to a large panel of European key opinion leaders, achieving science from both sides of the Atlantic. In order to have more time for interactive discussion, the format of the meeting is now two days long with limited number of sessions.


Working interactive sessions and abstract-driven programming will also be provided.


As in previous years, the meeting will be held at the venerable Institut Pasteur in the city center of Paris.

Hoping meeting you in Paris next summer.




Lawrence Serfaty


Organized by

Veronica Miller

UC Berkeley School

of Public Health,

Washington DC, USA

Arun Sanyal

Virginia Commonwealth

University School of Medicine,

Richmond, Virginia, USA

Lawrence Serfaty

Hôpital Hautepierre

Hôpitaux Universitaires

de Strasbourg, France

Scientific committee

Quentin Anstee

Pierre Bedossa

Jean-François Dufour

Scott Friedman

Fabio Marra

Manuel Romero-Gómez

Frank Tacke

Michael Trauner

With the partnership of

Organization agency

Taming HealthCare

24 rue des Bons Raisins

92150 Suresnes, Francce

Phone: +33 1 84 20 32 30